My new project


Sometimes in life we might get carried away by our ideas, desires and projects….But this can of course lead to very positive outcomes!

As a matter of fact, after 6 months of blogging, I have come to realize my real desire. I want to help as best as I can those who suffer from eating disorders, in light with my experience of overcoming anorexia and bulimia. Continue reading


Calming your inner devil

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Have you ever had a discussion with your inner devil ? You know, the kind of discussion like:

– “Dinner was really good. It’s time to get out of the kitchen now”
“Oh, but come on, allow yourself a little treat. Have some Dulce de leche.
      Your friend gave it to you. It must be delicious”
– “Well. I ‘m not hungry anymore. Besides, I don’t want to have a binge”
“JUST TRY, TRY ! TRY! TRY!” Continue reading