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Those of you who have already visited Denmark probably know the signification of the word “hygge”.

In fact, it is an interesting concept that consists of creating a cosy environment around you in order to reach a free state of mind and enjoy the present time.

I have witnessed this special atmosphere while visiting Copenhagen a few weeks ago… People were hanging out in trendy coffee shops with chilled music and candles lit, enjoying a glass of wine or a warm cup of coffee with their friends…. And it made me realize that there is no point being in a rush all the time, because the most important thing in life is to gather with your close ones and have a pleasant time!

So the Danish got it right…Simple setting, beautiful design, delicious food, and your important people!

I was truly impressed by Copenhagen’s landmarks and the beauty of the architecture: simple and even minimalistic sometimes, yet extremely modern and classy.

Danish people seemed relaxed, keeping up with our evolving society, and very opened towards shared economy and sustainable development: AirBnB service was perfect; people were using bikes everywhere, there were multiple organic food shops in the street, most walkers-by carried re-usable bags…. Besides, the food was so refined and well-prepared…no wonder why so many restaurants were awarded a Michelin star!

I came home feeling more confident, and wanting to follow their leads!

My next goal is to get an Italian Coffee Making pot to re-create a cosy atmosphere at home on rainy week-end days in London!



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