Being a Londoner

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Hi everyone! Today I’d like to share with you how it feels to be a Londoner. I have been living in this city for almost 4 years, and yet there are still places left for me to discover.

I must confess that I am 100% an outdoor person, so moving to London was quite a heartache in the beginning….But I have found my bearings here, and I just love the vibrant and yet laid-back spirit of this international city!

So here is a list of what I like about London, and what I don’t like about living here:

The pros:

  • It is an extremely International city: 60% of the people are not Natives
  • As a result, people are extremely Open minded: nobody will ever criticize the way you look, and it is absolutely acceptable to go shopping in the morning wearing you pyjama pants!
  • British citizens are amazingly Respectful: if someone ever bumps into you in the tube, they will always kindly apologize
  • Businesses are extremely Client service oriented, so you can expect to be treated like a king wherever you go (in a restaurant, at a shop, or even at the Bank)
  • The city is very clean
  • London sits at the crossroads of Europe, so travelling abroad is very convenient
  • The Working mentality is absolutely amazing: you are judged on your actions, not your diplomas

The cons:

  • The weather (I must say this is the #1 disadvantage!)
  • The accommodation and transportation prices
  • The emphasis on money: I feel like you cannot enjoy all that London has to offer if you do not have a certain amount of money…
  • The fact that when you meet your friends, the activities revolve mostly around food or drinks
  • You need to book everything in advance if you want to try new places/ restaurants
  • Some streets are really cute but I’m not in love with the overall architecture

In a nutshell, I think I found peace in London: first of all because it is the city where I was able to recover from bulimia, and second of all because everyone here is always trying to help you, not to judge you. Besides, everyone here is allowed to live their life the way they want to, and be happy!

So if you haven’t been to London already, don’t hesitate to come visit!


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