The importance of forgiveness

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Have you ever had such a heavy heart that you were totally paralyzed in your day-to-day, and kept your anger in check?
Did you curl up inside yourself like a snail? Or did you take the first step to forgive who ever had offended you?

I think forgiveness is such a great feeling because it goes beyond jealousy and wickedness. It forces us to take a step back, reflect upon our actions, be brave and embrace serenity again…

I remember when I had big arguments with my boyfriend, I was so pissed off afterwards that all I did was to run away and mumble about our relationship. I didn’t want to talk to him anymore and thought that he would never change so there was no point debating about anything. And sometimes this grumbling could last for several days, before I would actually be able to take on me and apologize to him.

So what leads us to hold a grudge so easily sometimes?

When we are hurt by a close one, it can deeply affect us. We may find ourselves dwelling on hurtful events and grow resentment inside us.
Moreover, if we don’t forgive to the person who hurt us, we might bring our bitterness into new situations, and become so wrapped up in the wrong that we can no longer enjoy the present. We might as well become depressed and feel like our life doesn’t have meaning anymore…

How can we get out of a situation we are stuck in?

First of all, we need to look at the facts, analyse our reactions and how we were affected by the situation.
We also need to stop considering ourselves as victims and release the control and pressure that the others were putting on us.
At last, we need to take the plunge and go apologize whenever we are ready.

Forgiveness will bring us the best healing experience through a strange state of comfort and calmness after feeling drained and bitter.

By “letting go”, we learn to grow and to re-establish mental and physical health in our body.


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