The domino effect of generosity


Have you ever experienced this circle of generosity? When someone is being nice to you and invites you for a meal or gets you an unexpected gift? Doesn’t it make you feel elevated, happy and grateful? And doesn’t it make you want to act with kindness to other people around you too?

I am always amazed by the upstream reciprocity of kindness and generosity. It spreads like a domino effect. When you are being kind to others, they feel happy and special and will most likely behave nicely to other people in their turn! It’s funny how deep inside we want to “pay back” for the thoughtful attentions we have received.

The main reasons for this are:

  • When we lift up someone else’s spirit, it makes us feel much better as it activates our brain’s reward centre to release endorphins. This results in a warm and fuzzy feeling!
  • Besides, the circle of generosity is exponentially bigger because the recipients of kindness will generally want to keep paying it forward, so more and more people will benefit from these acts of kindness
  • The mere fact of noticing generosity around us will make us want to act nicely with others. So when we see someone doing a good deed, for instance buying a sandwich for a homeless person, giving a present to a friend for no particular reason, or spending spare time to help others, it will create a trend.

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