Celebrating small victories

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Do you often take the time to celebrate your own victories?

For example your birthday, you graduation, your driving licence or a new job offer you’ve been made? Or do you always think that it is not worth celebrating because you don’t have time or you don’t like to be under the spotlight?

I actually haven’t organised any party for my birthdays yet (yes, I know, I am 26…). The reason for this is that I was born in August and most of my friends are enjoying their well-deserved summer break at that time of the year…
Besides, I always felt ill at ease throwing out a delayed birthday celebration as I didn’t want to force my friends to buy me a present.

The same applies to new jobs…I have never taken the time to gather a few friends and celebrate new phases in my life, as I thought there were already enough of these parties, and such an event wasn’t worth celebrating.

But I have come to realize that celebrating these small victories or moments of happiness should actually be part of my life. It is very important to learn how to spread happiness around us, and celebrating everyday victories is a great step towards this.

As humans, we like to be rewarded for our efforts and hard work.

Besides, organizing celebrations helps us to move on, turn the page on a specific episode of our life and be in a fresh state of mind to embrace what will come next.

If you are like me, then I suggest you take a bit of time to think about some of your acquaintances who are really good at gathering their friends to celebrate milestones in their lives. Try to observe how they do it, their simplicity and open-mindedness, and take them as an example to throw your next birthday bash! The choice is all yours:  it could be drinks and tapas with your close mates, dinner or party at your house with more peers- whatever you want! As long as you have fun!

This will really guide you to be happier in your life!


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