Inspiration is limitless

Image (23)I used to think that if I wrote too many articles in a row, I wouldn’t get inspired to write anything anymore…. But the truth is, inspiration is like knowledge: it is limitless! And it has a snowball effect: the more you read and/or write, the more you will get inspired later on!

Besides, inspiration is sharable, so if the more you talk with people about common interests and thoughts, the more ideas will emerge in your head on what to write about and how!

Have you ever noticed that when you do a particular activity (for me it is mostly when I take a shower, when I go for a walk or when I travel), you suddenly have tons of thoughts coming through your mind?

The reason for this is that inspiration comes from the outside, so we need to keep all our senses awake, as sometimes a sentence, a feeling, a sound, or even a smell might arouse our attention…

If you struggle getting inspired sometimes, the below 3 pieces of advice might help you:

  1. Indulge in activities that help you to relax. Your mind usually functions better in a peaceful environment
  2. Don’t hesitate to write down any idea or thought that may cross your mind, even though they might be completely uncorrelated one with the other
  3. Force yourself sometimes There are days when you really don’t feel inspired; you don’t know what to write about, or where to start. But the remedy can be to just start writing. Anything. In whatever order. And the rest will follow!

And don’t forget that most of our inspiration also comes from our unconscious mind… So don’t be afraid to dream… and dream in colours!


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