Fleeting reality

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I sometimes wonder what other people’s reality is made of, what they perceive around them and why they react the way they do, while I would react in a totally different manner…

It may be strange but I occasionally get the feeling that the world is just a big illusion. That some people strive in getting more and more money, others in getting numerous diplomas, others in being under the spotlight to acquire more power. But in reality, I believe that this whole sense of individual pride will just vanish at some point…as it is so ephemeral.

To me the genuine values in life revolve around curiosity and love of others. I really want to build my life around building relationships and spending quality time with others, as well as travelling and discovering new parts of the World. Learning new things and keeping admiring the beauty around me is what makes me truly happy, and contributes to my long term development and fulfilment.

But why do we have such a different perception of the World than others? Why are some people always seeing life on the bright side while others are so pessimistic?

The thing is, we create our own perception of the World via our senses… Our feelings often arouse because of what has happened to us in the past: our fears and our lack of self-confidence all started because of our own interpretations of specific situations and our constant search for meaning and purpose.

So if we take this reflection one step further, we would actually be able to shape the World based on how we feel.

Usually, we take decisions based on our current state of mind (angry, in love, happy, etc…). For example, confronted to the same problem, some people might get really angry while others might stay calm, some people might laugh about the situation while others might meditate quietly to find a solution, one person might spend hours trying to understand what caused the issue while another one is paralysed in fear and the third one has already thought about an optimistic and creative way to get out of it….

So it is crucial to be conscious of how you feel before taking any decision as it will influence your choice, which will influence your perception of the World in its turn !


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