Mountains and feeling of infinity


I don’t know if you’ve ever had the chance to go skiing, or if you’ve ever been hiking in the mountains during summer, but if you have, then the below thoughts might be familiar to you…

Whenever I go the Alps- and believe me, it’s always quite a journey from London- I always get this intense feeling of peace and freedom. Mountains give me such a sense of belonging…..I feel so small compared to these high peaks and suddenly all my small worries vanish….I feel totally disconnected from my small reality, and so empowered to see more, live more fully and keep challenging myself.

What I love about hiking is that it teaches you so many things about yourself. And about Life in general. Hiking is not about how fast you go along the way…It is about how perseverant you are to reach your final destination.

And as much as you want to reach the Top, it shouldn’t be your sole goal. In fact the goal is the hike itself: taking the time to enjoy nature, being with others, listening to the sound of silence and feeling replenished is all the more important!

Besides, when you do glazier hiking or alpinism, you often need to be roped to your guide and to your hiking partners. This may sound scary, but the whole concept relies on mutual trust and balance….

And alpinism teaches you so well to deal with your emotions!

You will need to accept your fears (of heights, crevasses or avalanches) and trust your guide to be able to climb step by step with serenity. You will also need to respect and help each other with your own difficulties. And when you finally make it to the top and all the way down, as a team, you will get a huge sense of accomplishment, you will feel proud to have made it together…. And this feeling is truly unique!


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