Never take anything for granted

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Do you ever think about the fact that your life is so well-ordered, that every day you go through your morning routine of getting up, having breakfast, taking a shower, then going out and commuting to work…and then you do the exact same things every day, but in reverse order? Does it feel dull sometimes? Well maybe, but also think about how lucky you are to live such a comfortable life…

It isn’t until you experience a difficult situation that you realize that noting should be taken for granted. Here are a few examples:

  • You travel to a country with no easy access to hot water, and you sleep under a tent for a week (with lots of mosquitos of course!)
    And when you come back home, you then realize the luxury of taking a bath/ shower whenever you feel like it… and being able to set the desired temperature…how awesome is that ?
  • You have relationship issues with your boyfriend/girlfriend
    You may even think about breaking up….and then you suddenly understand that no matter what, you continuously have to make efforts to be in a long-term relationship…. Besides, it feels so good to be loved, and you feel so special….. Remember that t is a real gift to be loved, so never take it for granted!
  • You lose your job
    It never happened to me personally; however I have seen some people being made redundant; and when it happens, I am sure they must regret waking up early every morning and having their salary transferred into their bank account at the end of each month…
    It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t question your job, but once you have found a role and a company that you like, even if you still have to bear the downsides, think about the upsides too: the people you meet, the network you grow, the things you learn and the savings you make…
  • You lose your wallet/ Phone
    It happened to most of us already, and it is so annoying…. Who doesn’t have a phone these days…? And when you lose your wallet, it’s even worse; it feels as if you lose your identity too…no more passport, credit card, public transportation card…
    So next time you mourn about taking the tube, think about how lucky you are to hold a nice wallet with all your cards in there!
  • You become sick, or you see someone who has a long term sickness/handicap
    And suddenly you feel guilty for complaining about such small things everyday: yes, your nails are OK, your bruises will disappear, and your weight will drop eventually….so cheer up, because life is worth living! And being in good health is the most precious gift!

I am by no means telling you how you should live your life, but when you feel  a bit down, these small pieces of advice will help you cherish your life again, and enjoy every part of it.. as nothing can ever be taken for granted!


2 thoughts on “Never take anything for granted

  1. So true. I know what you mean about questioning your job kit but still remaining grateful… I work a job right now where i am ready to move on and have been for awhile and am working on other things to move towards that- But i still know that I am SO lucky because I have the nicest boss, it is so flexible, and we get so much time off [ because it’s a nonprofit so we don’t make a lot of money lol ] But it is a great stepping stone and even though I have days lately where i wake up and and don’t feel inspired about the actual job,it helps to remember the benefits because I know they are there, too.


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