10 Everyday struggles for impatient people


Some days I can be so irritated by little things, and even when I try to pause for a sec’ and tell myself “Come on, be patient, stop being in a rush all the time”, I still struggle to keep my temper.

I don’t know if you feel the same, but here are 10 examples of situations that just make me lose it…!

  1. Standing in a line: whether it is in a museum or at the cashier of a grocery store…I find myself staring ferociously at the people in front of me.
  2. Being given orders: I cannot stand when people tell me what to do…I like things planned and done my own way. You’re gonna tell me that it must be quite a struggle at work…Well yes, and I often make it clear to others that I am a responsible and autonomous person; hence I can manage my own tasks.
  3. Not getting what I want in a restaurant, or at a store. I hate when a waiter tells you that the main dish you ordered is no longer available, or when a staff member takes for ages to come back to you in a store, just to let you know that they ran out of stock of the specific product you were looking for….and of course it took you 2 hours to get there on foot…..arghhh
  4. Waiting for the water to boil when you are making pasta. Thank God I don’t eat pasta everyday….but my boyfriend does. And when I come home tired from my working day and I am trying to heat some water, it just seems like the bubbles take forever to appear!
  5. People walking too slow or not walking straight in the street…. This one happens to me very often…And it makes me mad…Are some people just not self-conscious at all? Do they not realize that they are obstructing the whole pavement? Why do they not just walk on the side?
  6. Waiting at the doctor’s office. So it’s 12pm, you have a noon appointment, you rushed out of work to be on time, and here it comes…Tik, Tak, tik, tak, Tik,Tak, Tik Tak, Tik f***ing Tak…But what on earth is the doctor doing? Why is he always late? Why are the other patients so talkative? Come on, an appointment is an appointment…
  7. Calling your telephone banking service or Internet service provider. You dial-in a number, you press at least 5 digits to be redirected to the relevant support team, you listen to a stupid music for ages, and when someone finally picks up the line 45 minutes later, you suddenly get ready to ask all your questions, but here it comes…..the person doesn’t even speak English. You cannot understand a word of their speech because of their f*** accent, and once again, you lose it all….especially when they repeat to you over and over again that “Dddis is de policy. Vii cannnnnot do anyding forrr yiiiou Madaam.” For God’s sake….
  8. Women’s bathrooms. When you go along with your boyfriend to the department store, and suddenly you really need to go to the loo, like really quickly. But when you see the line in front of the ladies, you almost faint, wondering how long it’s gonna take for you to actually be able to pee…..
  9. Stuck in traffic. You hate the bus, and the tube too by the way, so you always walk. However tonight you had no choice but to take the bus to go to a meeting. And the bus moves 2 meters every minute…so you know you’re never gonna make it on time, and top of that, you have no idea when to get off the bus, as it stops every 5 mins without even saying where you are.
  10. Explaining something to somebody who doesn’t make any effort to understand. You are giving Math courses to a child with learning difficulties, and you are doing your best to explain clearly each concept. However he doesn’t even listen to you, he is day dreaming, and you feel totally desperate, but angry too.







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