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A couple of weeks ago, I began to reflect upon Trust while I was working from home as I was sick. It actually felt so good to be trusted and have the flexibility to manage things my own way that I felt really empowered for the whole day…For some reason, when people trust you, the world seems so much better…You actually feel responsible and you want to stand up to people’s expectations and not deceive them.

It made me think about my previous company where everyone was subject to the same rules, and people would look at you in a strange way if you didn’t stick to your seat for the whole day and if you dared going out for lunch… I was never able to understand this.

I believe that everyone has a different natural rhythm. So in my opinion, the more a company strives to give freedom to its employees, the more productivity it will get in return. Simply because in order to retain “smart” people, one needs to trust them and somehow adapt to their lifestyle.

I feel so good when I do sports at lunchtime…Getting a real break before the afternoon makes me think “fresher” for the second part of the day… And it avoids headaches and fatigue… Besides, it gives me a sense of accomplishment: not only am I able to have a full time job, but I can also have a healthy lifestyle, go to work and come back home on foot, do sports whenever I want, and most importantly, enjoy a seated lunch, away from my screen!

I think Trust is such a beautiful feeling, and we should give it more importance. To me, it starts at a very young age: when a kid is being trusted by his parents to go buy bread or small groceries and bring the money back, or when he is given the responsibility to prepare a meal, without his parents watching behind his back, he is actually in a much better position to grow and develop himself.

Besides, Trust for me is the foundation of any sound relationship. As long as there is trust between two persons who love each other, they will help each other grow because:

  • on the one hand they respect each other’s freedom which drives them to discover new people/places/activities
  • and on the other hand, they are bound by this feeling of love and profound attachment to the other person, which makes them not want to hurt each other

Have you ever experienced this feeling too? Well I don’t know about you, but for me it’s enough to give me wings for the whole day!




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