What I’d like to improve this year

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Hi Everyone! And Happy New Year! After a short interruption of blogging during Christmas Break, I thought I would write about the things I’d like to get better at this year…!
Most people make resolutions. In my case, I wanted to set fewer, but clearer guidelines, which would help me pave the way for 2016.

  1. So first of all, I’d like to get better at approaching people. What I mean is that I often don’t feel comfortable in breaking the ice and making conversation to people I’ve never met before, so I would like to be able to talk to people more naturally and with greater confidence for the first time.
    I have always admired people who start off a conversation with you when they don’t know who you are, but they manage to ask the right questions so you don’t feel ill-at-ease… They also have this great sense of humour which means they never take themselves too seriously. And they always end up making connections with so many different and interesting people.
    To me it felt at first like those people had a natural gift. But after thinking about it, I am sure that anybody can get better at this with a little practice.
  2. The second thing I’d like to work on is to keep cool in all situations: it’s ok to be angry or mad, and to express it in a certain way, but there is no point stressing out about something.
    For example, if doing a work project makes you feel stressed and agitated: ask yourself “What’s the point of getting stressed about it?” Do your best, and either it will be enough, in which case things will go smoothly, either it won’t be enough, in which case you will have nothing to regret or feel guilty about, as you will have done your best. This comes at a more advanced stage of “listening to” and “accepting” your emotions.
    The same applies to a diner where you have cooked for lots of guests and fear that they won’t like the food, or that there won’t be enough… Once again, you’ve done everything in your remit to make them happy, so just accept who you are, what you did, and let go of this fear of failure.
    People will accept your weaknesses, as long as you are natural and humble about it. Everybody is human. And remember that failing is just a better way of learning!
  3. The last thing I’d like to focus on this year is to be more optimistic and always see the bright side of things. I know you’re gonna ask me “What’s the bright side of having gained weight?” Well, for sure you will have bigger boobs (haha!), or you can see this as an opportunity to challenge yourself to shed off a few pounds….
    My boyfriend often tells me “I don’t understand why people see problems everywhere. Instead of seeing problems, I see opportunities”. I thought this was a bit arrogant at first, but in fact it is so true!
    Rather than complaining about having a cold, see it as an opportunity to get some rest! Rather than dreading spending a week-end alone, see it as an opportunity to meet new people, and have more time to do the things you never do…
    In any case, focusing on the positive rather than the negative will tremendously help you, as you will be in a much better mindset to face everyday situations…!

What about you? What would you like to get better at this year?!


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