The power of emotions

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E-motions– as I like to call them- play a crucial part in our lives…They literally put ourselves in motion. They help us find the appropriate answer to the situations that we face.

This is why it is so important to listen to our bodies, as our spontaneous reactions will give us clues about how we feel, and what we need to do to find inner peace and stillness again.

The first emotion that comes to my mind is LOVE.  We all agree to say that love can make us do crazy things: from running outside under the rain wearing a nightie to making up stories at school just to see the one you love…. And it is not uncommon for people who fall in love to lack concentration because they have their head in the clouds!

I remember when I fell in love, I was often acting irrationally, I didn’t care at all about what people would think and I was just so happy to be with my boyfriend that Love was literally driving all my actions…  When I listen to this song from the movie “50 shades” of Grey, it always reminds me of the power and magic of Love!

Another example of powerful emotion is FEAR. When you find yourself in a frightening situation, your heart starts to pound and you often have reflexes that you never imagined you would have.

And the same applies to emotions such as anxiousness, tiredness, sadness…. The moment you start ignoring signals from your body, your feelings will come back to punch you right in the face….

The concept of emotional eating seems so strange…but actually it tells us something about powerful emotions that we are trying to ignore. So when this happens, the best thing we can do is to identify what are the feelings we have, and take actions to feel better.

There is no point fighting our emotions…. We need to accept them peacefully. They won’t last for ever. Feeling bad is OK, it will not kill us.

Emotions come and go, so we shouldn’t go spare about it!


2 thoughts on “The power of emotions

  1. Thank you Laura! The reason why I see Love as being an emotion is because it is completely irrational, and to me, your actions are driven either by your thinking (i.e. your Mind) or by your emotions (your Heart)…


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