Million thoughts at once…it can be hard to see through

Image (4).jpg

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by your thoughts and ideas that you didn’t even know what to start with?

This feeling can be a bit paralyzing because on the one hand you have tons of ideas coming through and it’s great to feel inspired, but on the other hand it is frustrating not to have a clear reflection thread to start putting your thoughts into words.

So when this happens:

  • The first thing you can do is to create a calm and stress-free environment for yourself, in order to think more clearly.
  • Then you can write down everything that comes to your mind, with no particular order…only bullet points with notes and comments.
  • Once you have written down all your ideas, you can order them by topic
  • Then set an order of priority for the things that really take you to heart, and which you feel like committing to in the short term
  • At last, don’t be afraid of the amount of ideas you have come up with. Just tackle them one at a time!

I usually think a lot when I walk, and I write down everything that would make sense for me to use in my blog articles, or even random things that come up to my mind, such as gift ideas, long term dreams or even interesting books/articles that I would like to read.

And it helps me a lot to see more clearly and to feel more peaceful in general.

I used to keep a personal journal, where I would write down all my feelings and existential thoughts whenever I felt a bit low, overwhelmed, or when I had a sudden urge to share everything that mattered to me or that kept me preoccupied.

Writing helps you feel much lighter, and I love the fact that you can compare how you were feeling a few months back versus how you are feeling now. It is always reassuring to see some evidence that you have already gone through tough times, and managed it well in the end.

Being able to organise your thoughts really boosts your self-confidence, and writing them will help you measure your progress and achievements!


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