Christmas Joy

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Christmas is such a great time of the year:  the cities are decorated with fairy lights, you can smell the fresh scent of pine needles and mulled wine, and you hear the kids sing carols in the street!

But for some people Christmas generates a huge stress: they have to rack their brain to find some gift ideas for their relatives, they panic at the thought of eating too much during the holidays and end up with a chocolate overdose, and on top of that, they dread the potential family tensions during the festive season…

This is really sad… Have we completely lost the meaning of Christmas in today’s world? Why do we always think about consumerism first?

For those of us who believe in God, Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, the saviour of our World. I don’t want to sound too cheesy here, but what I am trying to say is that Christmas should be about gathering, and reaching out to people we don’t know: young or old, tall or small, slim or fat, black or white, wealthy or in need…

So this year, I have decided to stop a bit in the middle of this spirit of madness and turmoil…and to reflect upon how I want to spend this Christmas: trying to be more generous and find ways to turn to others, and to reconnect with my local community.

Besides, as I now work in a very multicultural environment, my office has put in place an international Christmas week, whereby each day, a different Regional Sales team can bring some typical Christmas food from their home country, with the idea of sharing their traditions with all their colleagues.

This is such a great idea, as it connects people together, and it spreads happiness in the office!

After all, it’s Christmas, so let’s rejoice, smile, and share our happiness!


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