Lethargic days…sometimes it’s good to be lazy

Image (6).jpg

Do you allow yourself to be lazy occasionally? Or is it something that you forbid yourself, thinking it is a huge waste of time?

It is interesting to see that depending on your background and education, you can have very different thoughts and feelings about being lazy.

The biggest cultural shock I can think of is probably between my boyfriend and I.

For instance, I hate to have nothing planned on the week-end, and I usually can’t sit at home for more than 2 consecutive hours… On the other hand, my boyfriend truly enjoys doing NOTHING:  taking his time on the week end, being lazy, enjoying the simple fact to be at home. He doesn’t need to “tick any box” to be happy. This has of course led to several heated discussions; the main argument being that quality time is an undeniable need for a couple to maintain a sound relationship!

It is true that most of my friends sleep in on the week-end, and by the time they wake up (after noon!), I have already gone for a run, wrote a blog article, gone grocery shopping and prepared a nice breakfast…!

However I have to admit that I have also learnt to relax and do nothing, just to see what it felt like being in my boyfriend’s shoes…

And it was quite hard at first, to let go of this feeling of guilt I got from doing absolutely nothing (I could hear in my head my Mom’s voice: “Stop being lazy. Get your but in gear and go outside”), but at the end of the day I felt so relaxed. Being able to watch movies, spend time with your partner and eat only when you are hungry is such a great feeling!

So I no longer force myself to go out when I’m tired, or to “tick all the boxes” on the week end.

Doing sports or having a busy program when you are really tired is not a good idea.

It is really important to follow your natural rhythm, and listen to what your body wants!


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