How to be happy in just 3 steps?

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It is funny to see that in our increasingly fast paced society, there is also a huge focus on personal health and happiness. We are supposed to have a sound mind in a sound body; so we’d better go running with our  neon-colored Nike shoes and track our regular performance, and we should practice yoga every week (after drinking our morning glass of kale juice of course…!)

But in practice, if you don’t want to be cast in the mould of marketing and consumerism, how can you achieve happiness?

This is a tough question. But here are 3 steps to getting you happy! J

  1. Start with little things. There is no point saying “I want a huge flat in Central London and a lot more money to be happy”. Chances are that the road will be long until you can achieve your goal.So try to start on a realistic scale: “I’d like to travel here”, “I really wanna see my friend Alice again”,“I’d love to get more blog followers” or “I’d like to do something fun this week-end”.

    This way, you will be more receptive to your daily bliss of happiness: someone smiling at you in the street, or a man offering you to take his seat on the tube, or even your favorite local restaurant giving you a lunch for free (because it’s pouring rain outside, you’ve just walked 15mins to grab your meal, and you’ve suddenly realized that you forgot your credit card…!)

    When you think about it, happiness is a combination of little joys that put you in a good mood and make you change your attitude vis-a-vis life.

  1. Keep being thoughtful with others.This is SUPER important. Being turned to others is what will make you truly happy.Have you ever noticed how you felt after giving someone a helping hand, or watching your friends open the birthday presents you got them?

    As humans, we need to live in society. We won’t be fulfilled if we live as lonely wolves. So surround yourself with good friends, and hold on to the well-wishers!

  1. Never grow old. Remember that “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”One way to never grow old is to actually apply 2) above. The more you are turned to others, and the less you will have time to bemoan your lot….

    Besides, don’t be afraid to continue filling your life with exciting adventures, and be open to the unexpected!

If you put this into practice, you will begin to be more optimistic, and less jaded by your existence!


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