Calming your inner devil

Image (7).jpg

Have you ever had a discussion with your inner devil ? You know, the kind of discussion like:

– “Dinner was really good. It’s time to get out of the kitchen now”
“Oh, but come on, allow yourself a little treat. Have some Dulce de leche.
      Your friend gave it to you. It must be delicious”
– “Well. I ‘m not hungry anymore. Besides, I don’t want to have a binge”

And then it becomes impossible to resist…. Of course you end up eating half of the pot, and you wake up the next day, feeling super guilty for the hundreds of extra calories you ate at night.

But why do we listen to this devilish voice in our head while we have an angelic mind? … This is so frustrating.

After giving it some thought, I believe there is no point fighting our demons. Because they are trying to tell us something: we are not perfect, we need to eat all kinds of food, and we should not deprive ourselves. Sometimes the message is a bit trickier to decrypt. It may be “you need to find a way to externalize your emotions” or “look at all the stress you are putting your body through”.

So instead of focusing on our unconscious mind, we’d better fix our conscious life.

If we manage to reconcile our body and our mind, there won’t be room for inner devils anymore… Demons only appear when we doubt, and when we deny our identity.

…Once again it comes back to a self-confidence matter !


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