Nobody’s perfect

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Are you the kind of person who compares yourself to others all the time?

When you see a good looking, thin and fashionable woman in the street, do you wish you could be in her shoes because she looks happy and confident?

But what if in fact she felt miserable because she had no man in her life; she hated her job and her boss even more?

Everyone has their own problems, and their own ways to deal with it. We tend to idealize people’s lives from the outside, but the truth is that others have issues and shortcomings too.

Nobody is perfect. And keep in mind that many people envy yourself for something you’re probably not even aware of.

So let’s focus on ourselves, find inner peace, and stop being a perfectionist all the time. We don’t need to be perfect in every field to be happy. We just need to be OK.

The moment you start living with this idea, you will actually feel much lighter, and you will begin to realize what happiness is all about.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve ticked all the items off your to-do list from day 1. You won’t feel any happier at the end of the day. You need to set an order of Priority for things in your life, knowing that nurturing your relationships is what will actually make you feel the happiest.

Besides, it is really important to strengthen your qualities instead of feeling sorry for your drawbacks! If you start listing all the good things people like about you, you will feel much more self-confident.

For instance, I know that my peers really like the fact that I am: Serious, Conscientious, Brave, Dynamic, Adventurous, Reliable, Loyal, Motivated, Open-minded, Thoughtful and Generous.

And I’ve been told those things over and over, so I know I shouldn’t doubt about myself.

Besides-and it is still very hard for me to believe (as I always compare myself to others) – my boyfriend actually tells me that I am beautiful, smart and funny. So I should feel more confident, instead of focusing on what I am lacking!

Let’s do this exercise more often, and start promoting ourselves with our respective qualities. This will only be beneficial to us as it will reinforce our sense of being unique!





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