What should you do if you’ve gained weight?

Image (3).jpg

The answer is…EAT !!!

Have you ever heard the phrase “To curve evil with evil?”
When you realized you’ve gained weight (and trust me I feel awful right now as I just put on 2 kilos during my holidays in Brazil), there is no point starving yourself*** (Please read carefully and repeat!)

As difficult as it may be to believe, your body will regulate within a few days, or weeks, when you go back to your normal way of eating.

It is actually pretty normal to gain some weight during your holidays: you may feel bloated after the flight, you can do water retention, the food you ate was quite different from what you are used to eat at home, you may have been to a country with a very different climate…and you may have eaten a bit more, which is good: you tried fancy foods, you were tempted by nice deserts and you had your daily cocktail at night…all of this makes perfect sense.

So all I am asking you right now is to:

  1. Sleep
  2. Keep smiling (yes, your mood plays a crucial part in the weight loss process)
  3. Eat normally
  4. Go back to your exercise routine (not more, not less)
  5. Breathe! This should not be the end of the world…!

And trust your body!! You are not the only one to go through this…And even though it’s almost Christmas and it really sucks to have put on weight right now…you will lose it if you follow my advice! I promise.

For those of you who still want to restrict yourself after reading the above lines…well I can guarantee that if you start restricting yourself, you will feel deprived (and I am not sure you are ready to handle this given the fact that you’re depressed after going back to work and being in a cold weather an feeling tired because of your journey). Then you will begin to binge to compensate for being deprived….And this will result in weight gain, and more frustration…


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