Taking your TIME

time collage

Why are we in such a rush all the time? “Multi-tasking” at work, “grabbing” a lunch, “running” to an event, “popping” by someone’s house….

We want to do a million things every day, thinking it will make us feel more fulfilled: we tag ourselves everywhere on Facebook, we take great pictures on Instagram, we text others all the time and we even sleep with our smartphones… but in the end, we’re always living in the past or in the future.

Contrary to what people think, it’s not that difficult to live in the present. Take a deep breath, listen to the sounds around you, smile, notice how you feel right now, and relax! Don’t let yourself live a life full of stress and tension, as you will pass on your frustration and pessimism to others. No matter what happens during the day, you will still be alive at night (hopefully!). And your day will have gone through much smoother if you were able to live it with serenity and confidence.

So don’t ruin your health for nothing… Stress can have such a bad effect on your body!

The secret to serenity is to know yourself, keep being natural and spontaneous, and do your best without letting others disturb your inner equilibrium. Once again, you have to know your limits, and do whatever is best for you: go do some sports at lunchtime if you feel tense, take a walk if you need some fresh air in the middle of a long day at work… and do not care about what other people think. What matters is YOU, and your success in the long run!

Besides, pressure is the worst enemy of creativity…When you are under pressure, you don’t even have time to think, you feel agitated, and it becomes harder to find original solutions to a problem… Your thinking process becomes much more rigid and straight to the point.

I noticed this personally after changing jobs. Going from a very stressful environment in Investment Banking where people would only talk about business related purposes (no time for the “how are you and what did you do this week end” kind of chat) to a very open minded, people oriented and innovative company …well I can tell you that it literally changed my life! I am able to sleep again, I don’t have food binges anymore, I can even laugh again!

What a relief! I am now able to understand the purpose of life and enjoy the small instants by being present to others, and feeling grateful for simple things!

I cannot believe that I have been eating lunch behind my computer for 3 years at work, not talking to anyone, not seeing any daylight, and being under so much pressure all the time…I have now realized that I don’t want to live my life this way…There is much more to life than being under constant pressure.

So no matter what your choices are: personally or professionally, please remember that your health is more important than anything! And allow yourself to breathe! Life is not a marathon… Your body will really thank you in the end!


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