How to set yourself free

set urself free collageHave you ever wished you could switch your mind into “sleep mode” to let go miraculously of all your concerns?

Well, the truth is that you can learn how to feel more peaceful and to free yourself from your worries!

The first step is to reconnect to the present time, to be thankful for the beautiful world in which we live in… We are so small compared to our planet. There is a song I love from Möwe, and every time I listen to it, I feel so empowered, as if it helped me press the “RESTART” button (the famous one!)… I suddenly forget about the past, I do not worry about the future, and I try to focus on how I am feeling right now, and what I perceive from my surroundings!

The second step is to stop worrying about the things you can’t control … Sometimes, things are beyond our remit, so we need to accept the reality. When it is raining, when our boss is in a bad mood, when our train is delayed, when our plans get cancelled… There is nothing we can do about it. So let’s focus on the things we can control:  our reactions, our optimism, our smile!

The third step is to make room for improvisation in our life, because we are all capable of managing the unexpected! To be honest, I am the kind of person who writes To-Do lists about everything and likes to plan all my week-ends in advance. But sometimes it’s good to let yourself go….Life isn’t about ticking boxes…It is also about cherishing each moment, and being open to new encounters and discoveries!

I truly believe that every day we have a new opportunity to start living the life we want, and to become the person we want to be. So let’s give it a try!


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