Keep faith


I always wondered why Faith is such a taboo topic… I usually tell my friends that I believe in God, and that I’m catholic. I am not trying to convert anyone, but Faith is an important part of my life, and it gives me simpler answers to a lot of the questions I have.

Faith to me is about Love, Tolerance, Respect, Sharing, Forgiveness, and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to live my life according to these values.

I was brought up in a catholic family, and I went to a catholic High School. I didn’t agree with everything we were taught at school, as I don’t like to get drawn in the diverse interpretations of the Bibles, and I am not too much into rituals. But the peace that Faith gave me as I grew up has really helped me be truthful to myself. Besides, I liked being able to discuss Faith with my classmates and understand what it meant to them, and how they were putting it into practice.

There are a lot of questions that one may ask himself throughout his life and that exceed our comprehension as human beings: who is really Jesus, why did he die, what happens after we die, how were human created?

It is when I read “The Confessions of Saint Augustine” that I understood the importance of spreading the word of God through our individual behaviours. This really resonated in me, as I am more in favour of simple and kind acts than long speeches…

As every Christian, I have had my doubts, I have wondered if helping people in need occasionally would really change something in the end, or if it was only a hypocrite and selfish way of soothing my conscience….

I still do not have a perfect answer, but I do know how important it is to turn to others as it is what makes you happy in the end.

It can be really hard to make your way through criticisms, wickedness and vanity, but deep inside, you know what is right.

How do you want to live your life? What is really important to you? And what do you want to remember when you grow old?

I think it is important to ask ourselves these questions and to cherish and develop new relationships to spread peace and kindness around us. Because it will matter in the end!


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