Feeling Fat

feeling fat collage

Who has never heard a friend, or a family relative saying that he or she feels fat? It happens quite often. Whether it is after we ate a large meal, because we feel bloated, because our pants feel a bit tight, or when we compare ourselves to others, we may have the feeling that we gained weight, or that we have become “fat”….

But feeling fat is actually just a feeling. It is exactly like when you have the feeling you can fly….well you’re not gonna jump out of the window to see if it works…!!

So instead of ruminating dark thoughts, let’s tell ourselves that what we feel is not what other people perceive.

When we look at ourselves in a mirror, we need to bear in mind that there are multiple mirror shapes, some of which do not put us at our advantage… And when we go shopping and something doesn’t fit us, it is not because we don’t have the ideal body. It is because some shops design clothes better than others…

It is not because we feel fat that we should restrict our food intake. Our bodies adapt in the long run. So if indeed, we have gained a few pounds over a couple of months, we can start doing a bit more sport and be more active, but not restrict ourselves. It is important to eat a balanced diet at all times: with proteins, fibres and fat.

And if we have gained a few pounds in just a short amount of time, it is likely due to water fluctuation (when we ate a large meal, or when we consumed sugary food). Our body will regulate once we go back to normal eating. There is no reason to start eating less.

Please remember that feeling fat is just in your head. So don’t start punishing your body because of a distorted perception of yourself at a given point in time. This feeling will go away, so keep trusting your body!


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