Sports, or How to feel alive

sportvfDoing sport is such a great way to reconnect with yourself. Whether you go for a run, jump in the pool, dance, play tennis, practice yoga or do whatever sport you enjoy, it’s almost like you enter a parallel universe

When I go for a run in the park, all those thoughts come up to my mind and suddenly I can see clearly what’s happening at that moment in my life, how I feel about it, as well as what I need to change, and why.

I get the same feeling when I jump into the pool. All my worries become so insignificant. I’m like a fish, back to its basic instincts… Water is the best stress-reliever when I’m under a lot of pressure.
I usually put things in perspective, and reflect upon what’s most important to me: my relationships with others. What have I said to them that might have been hurtful? How can I truly be myself and convey messages peacefully? How to reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in a while? How can I better help others with what they’re going through right now?

Dancing also cheers me up when I feel a bit down! I’ve always loved to dance. I did 15 years of ballet, but I stopped when I was in prep school as I had too much work. However I still love to turn on the music and start dancing and inventing a choreography!

As for yoga, it took me a while to find a teacher that I liked, and a class that was actually making me sweat….. Talking about “chakras” and chanting “sutras” wasn’t really my thing.  I wanted to do some serious practice and see for myself if yoga would help me relax.
And believe me, it really changed my attitude to life… Every week, and sometimes twice a week for 1h30, all I needed to think about was to breathe! And focus on the feeling of the air coming in and out of my mouth. Creating space in my body by directing my breath into the part of my body that needed it the most. Accepting myself, and finding peace.

Sports make you feel alive! Not only because you’ve taken time for yourself, but also because of the release of endorphin in your bloodstream.

The only thing you need which you need to be careful about is not to over-exercise. Sports should remain a hobby, a passion, and not a chore… Besides, I have noticed that when I do too much sport, I usually end up eating too much and compulsively, probably because I feel really tired.

So it’s all about finding a balance, and feeling happy!


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