Sister Love

sisters collage

When I tell people I have 4 little sisters, they usually stare at me as if I was lying….
– “Did you say four?
– “Well yes, indeed. I have four sisters. And they are all amazing.”

It’s funny to see how different we all are, even though we grew up in the same family.

My twin sisters, the double A’s, are three years younger than me. They are like chalk and cheese. One is very outgoing and organizes everything around her social life, while the other is much more discreet, she’s very good at analytical thinking, but hates talking on the phone, so she will always ask her twin to make a call for her!

Then, J*, 4 years younger than me, is like fire: she’s very energetic, and always on top of everything new. She’s not afraid of anything and I admire the way she stands up in front of anyone to defend her ideas. But she can also get very defensive when things don’t go the way she expected.

And M*, the youngest, is 7 years younger than me. She’s still the little girl with curly blond hair and blue eyes in my head. But she’s grown up so much now… She always laughs for nothing, seems very confident and loves her life.

I love them all very much, and I can never answer the question “Which one is your favourite?” .To me it just doesn’t make sense. We have been closer at different stages, depending on what we were all going through.

I am always surprised to see how much we keep learning from each other, as I believe that there is no chronological learning curve. For instance they may know more about Make-Up, Cocktail making, Music, Newly Released Apps, or even latest Consulting Case preparation…while I can help them with Job search,  interviews and “WhatAmIGonnaDoWithMyLife” kind of question.

Having sisters is a real school of Life.

I’ve pretty much experienced every feeling with them when I was young: jealousy, anger, stress, joy. We’ve faught, we’ve hugged, we’ve laughed and we’ve cried together.

I feel so grateful to have them, and I truly wish that we won’t let anything get in the way of our relationships.


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