Running up that hill

hill collageWhy do we keep running up the hill even though we’re breathless? And why does it seem higher and higher each time?

Do you remember Placebo’s song? Sometimes we keep hurting ourselves, and we do it over and over again, even though it hurts so much… But why?

When we suffer deep inside, we would do anything, even “make a deal to God” to take away that pain….We would run the hill thousands of times, to become somebody else, to swap places, to forget about how we feel.

But the truth is, it becomes even worse, it hurts even more to run the hill over and over again…

We get stuck in a vicious circle which we think we can break….But we can’t. The only way we can succeed is by transforming this vicious circle into a virtuous circle.

In the case of bulimia, instead of thinking we need to lose weight, let’s stabilize our weight instead. And it will be fine. Let’s allow ourselves to eat normally, our body is smart, he knows how to auto-regulate.

As a matter of fact, bulimia is not an issue about food. It is an issue about self-confidence, and emotions. So let’s figure out what are the things we could act upon in our lives to feel better, and our body will do the rest if we trust him!


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