Take every chance, drop every fear

take chances

Why are choices so hard to make? Why are we so afraid to jump into the unknown to start something new?

I guess being cautious is part of our nature. We know what we are losing, so we meticulously weigh the pros and cons of all the options we have to assess if one option would be better than the other.

But at the end of the day, not all choices are logical. Our intuition plays a very important part in the decision making process.
The problem is, we are so afraid to make the wrong choice…Even though there is no wrong choice! A choice is a reflection of what you believe is best for you at a given point in time.

I remember this summer, when I had to choose between:

  • staying in Investment Banking and moving to a prestigious department where I knew I would work like crazy, but I was very proud to have been accepted in that team, and I would have made good money
  • or moving to the Company of my dreams in the Travel and Education sector, where I had been rejected in the 1st place, but I had found another role…and it was THE opportunity to change career paths… but at the same time I would cut my salaryI was literally tortured for 2 weeks, waking up in the morning thinking I needed to seize the opportunity to change industries, and coming home at night firmly convinced that I needed to stay in Investment Banking even though it was going to be very stressful again.

    So I asked all my relatives what they thought about it, and I got very different opinions from my friends, my family and my boyfriend… I felt even more lost. Some people gave me quite conservative advice, while others believed I had to listen to my heart… They all wanted me to be happy in the end I guess.

    But the truth is, nobody knows what is best for you. You are the only one who can feel what is the best option for you at a given time in your life…

    I also believe that there are different signs which we need to watch for, and that will give us some indices!

    For my part, it turns out that the team I was going to move to within my company told me they didn’t have the budget to hire me. I was so tired of waiting for them to give me a final confirmation before I could definitely turn down the offer at the other company that I told myself  “Is the company I have been part of for 3 yrs. really treating me that way? Well if they are, I’d better leave and go to the other company”. And I did.

    I have been there for 3 months now, and I haven’t regretted my decision a single time. I am so happy to be in a flexible and people-oriented environment, where everyone isn’t frustrated to come to work, but yet they are happy to see their friends again on Monday morning…

    And when I look back at this summer, I feel actually grateful that things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to be at first. Because I was just really scared to listen to what I truly wanted, and to stand up in front of others.


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