All the beauty in the world

japan - Copy

Have you ever listened to Macy Gray’s song? Well, if you haven’t yet, I suggest you give it a try while you read this post!

There are mornings when you wake up happy, and you have this great feeling that the World is in harmony. It seems that people are smiling at you in the street, and you are surrounded by stillness…

Whether it is because the week-end is starting, because you are looking forward to going to an event or to seeing your friends or your family, or simply because you feel peaceful that day, you just wish this moment could last forever!

You’re not thinking about anything, but instead, you are feeling the beauty of the World at that moment: the sun in the sky, the colors of Autumn in the park, the children laughing… and suddenly everything makes sense.

Individually, we are nothing…but connected to our community, and to our World, we can feel so empowered, and believe that anything is possible again.

So if you ever feel sad, angry or worried, try to go for a walk and immerse yourself with the Beauty of Nature.


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