My passion for Travel

colourful life4Travel to me is associated with excitement, adventure, new beginning… I have this intense feeling of freedom, as if I could press the RESET button and start all over again: make new friends, show them who I truly am, adapt to a new culture…and let myself go!
Before taking the plane, I usually am so excited to visit a new country and meet new people that I can’t sleep the week before… I still remember when I was 14 and about to live in an American family for a year while being a High School student, I was so impatient to experience something different and live my dream that I didn’t realize I wasn’t going to see my parents and my 4 little sisters for 12 months…

The same thing happened when I lived in Tokyo for a year: the night before I took the plane, I knew my boyfriend was sad to let me go, but I also knew that he was proud of me, and that I was going to be happy there. And I love feeling disoriented and having to find my own way. Learning to speak Japanese was so fun, because I could see the daily progress I was making and it helped me tremendously to find my bearings, for instance buying some furniture for my room (without having to mime the action associated with either showering and sleeping to the salesman and seeing him laugh to tears!)

Travel helps you discover who you truly are, and as far as you may go, you will still experience this feeling of belonging…to “Something Big”


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