Golden Heart and Iron Mind

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Have you ever wondered why no matter how hard you want to achieve something, you end up failing? For example when you decide that today, you are going to eat only “healthy” food, and no more than 1500 kcal. And then at breakfast you end up going over your quota and eating sugary cereals, pancakes, chocolate and all the “bad” things you swore you wouldn’t touch for the day…
Well the answer is quite simple. The more rules you set for yourself, and the more rigid they are, the easier it is to break them. No matter if your conscious mind is made of steel… Your “monkey” mind will always jump back in and make you feel out of control.
The question is: why are we so demanding with ourselves? If one of your friend told you she had a binge one night, would you tell her to try and starve herself the next day? And to go to the gym to burn as many calories as she could to eliminate the junk food she ate? Of course not. Instead, you would tell her that it’s not her fault, it happens. And that she is probably going through a period of distress… everything will regulate when she starts feeling more relaxed.
So why don’t we listen a bit more to our Golden heart? We can be so kind with others, so why not try to be kind with ourselves, too?
Let’s stop counting calories, declining dinner invitations or skipping meals when we overate. At least let’s give it a try. Let’s not punish ourselves when we had a binge. But let’s be kind to our bodies: get a massage, take a nap, call a friend, listen to the music we love and sing our hearts loud in the flat!
And little by little, you will regain confidence in yourself…


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