A journey through darkness

hate my life instaFor all of you who are going through self-questioning, inner doubt, who experience deep insecurity and anxiety, who feel misunderstood, lost, lonely, who cannot seem to fill this hole of sadness, who believe that their life is dull and not worth living….you are not alone!

Believe me, I have been there too. Waking up in the morning, tired of this stupid routine, feeling like my life is meaningless, like other people waste their time taking the tube to go to work every morning… and work like crazy to get a miserable salary on their bank account each month, but they end up spending all their money on booze at the Pub to forget about how dull their day was. The worst part is that some people do it everyday. How can you get any sense of accomplishment by doing this? Anyway, I am not here to judge…

But the thing is, I like to get inspired by others, and I really wasn’t at that time.

What helped me is that I was able to confide in some good friends, and they gave me the strength to pick myself up again. So please, if you feel desperate, do not stay alone with your thoughts, but reach out to a trustworthy person.


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